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New Pavilion Survey 2021 – Terms & Conditions

The organisation identified to the participant as responsible for the administration of the survey is: Bishop’s Stortford Community Sports Club (BSCSC).


Agency: includes any individual, organisation, department or division, which is responsible for, or acts as, a supplier on all or part of a research project.

Client: includes any individual, organisation, department or division, including any belonging to the same organisation as the Member, which is responsible for commissioning or applying the results from a research project.

Research: is the collection and analysis of data from a sample or census of individuals or organisations relating to their characteristics, behaviour, attitudes, opinions or possessions. It includes all forms of market, opinion and social research such as consumer and industrial surveys, psychological investigations, qualitative interviews and group discussions, observational, ethnographic, and panel studies.

Participant: is any individual or organisation from or about whom data is collected or is approached for interview.

Survey Conditions

This research conforms to the national and international legislation relevant to this project including in particular the Data Protection Act 1998 and other comparable legislation applicable outside the UK.

Participation is confidential and questions are for the collection of opinions only.

The anonymity of Participants will be preserved unless they have given their informed consent for their details to be revealed or for attributable comments to be passed on.

Any re-contact will match the assurances given to Participants at the time that permission was gained e.g. when re-contact was to occur, the purpose and by whom.

Participant details will not be passed on to another third party for research or any other purposes.

This Research is a voluntary activity. Participation is by invitation which in no way implies requirement to participate. Non-participation will have no detriment to the Participant.

The Data Controller is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for England.

Prize Draw Terms & Conditions

By entering the prize draw, entrants agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  1. In recognition of undertaking the survey you will be given the opportunity to enter into a prize draw to win one of four prizes; one of four prizes, each of which will be given as a top-up on your privilege card and can be used for purchases at the bar. The prizes are:

1st Prize: £100 top-up

2nd Prize: £50 top-up

3rd Prize: £30 top-up

4th Prize: £20 top-up

  1. Only valid entries made and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will be considered.
  2. Valid entries to the Prize Draw must be made by ticking/clicking the consent box in the survey.
  3. The winners will be chosen by random draw to take place within 6 weeks of the survey being closed, as determined by the independent judges.
  4. Entrants must be 18 years old or above.
  5. Management, Employees, and Trustees of BSCSC, their agents or contractors, and anyone else connected with the survey or execution of the promotion are not eligible to enter.
  6. One entry per person. Multiple entries or entries made through agents, third parties, organised groups or any entry duplication method will not be accepted.
  7. The winners will be notified by email. The winner shall be required to provide a valid email address and privilege card number.
  8. The winners will be notified within 14 days of the draw. If a prize is unclaimed after forty-eight (48) hours of dispatch of the winner’s notification email or message and reasonable efforts have been made to contact the winner, BSCSC will be entitled to re-allocate the prize to another participant by the same prize draw method.
  9. No publicity will be undertaken as a result of this survey. The Client waives the right to feature the name, photograph and location of the prize winner in any future marketing materials, websites publications, promotions and/or prize draws, including publication of the winner’s identity.
  10. This competition is run by Bishop’s Stortford Community Sports Club of Cricketfield Lane, Bishop’s Stortford, Herts. CM23 2TD. For details of the winner please contact this address.
  11. BSCSC accepts no responsibility for entries that are lost or delayed or rendered invalid due to incorrect participant data, lack of network coverage, system, software or hardware failure or for any other reason beyond its control. Entries not submitted in accordance with the rules will be disqualified.
  12. BSCSC reserves the right to disqualify any entrants it believes not to be participating within the spirit of the promotion or suspects of participating in any unfair or unjust behaviour. BSCSC reserves the right to use its discretion in all respects and to enforce any penalty or sanction it deems appropriate.
  13. BSCSC will reconcile the prizes within 14 days of notifying the winners but shall not be liable to the winners for any delay in receiving their prize.